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Solvent Cleaning Process

In recent years, improved equipment designs, combined with the advent of advanced, non ozone-depleting solvents, have spurred a resurgence in the use of vapour degreasing cleaning systems. In addition, the rise of cell manufacturing, in which workers are arranged in semi-autonomous teams rather than long production lines, has made the use of low-volume/small-footprint vapour degreasers a more attractive option than large centrally-located aqueous cleaning systems.

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In many applications requiring high purity and low contaminant levels on finished parts, such as electronic components, aerospace materials and medical devices, solvent systems can offer a number of important cost and performance advantages over aqueous systems.

Typical Solvent Cleaning Stages

  1. Part is lowered into immersion sump with ultrasonic agitation and cleaned for around 5 minutes.
  2. Part is raised into vapour zone, and held for 1 minute.
  3. Part moves to freeboard zone, allowing solvent to evaporate and return to sump.
  4. Part emerges clean and completely dry.

Total elapsed time to finished part: 7 Minutes

Typical Aqueous Cleaning Stages

  1. Part is immersed in hot cleaning solution agitated by ultrasonics for 5 minutes. Depending on soil may require the addition of rust inhibitors.
  2. Part is immersed in first rinse tank for 3 minutes.
  3. Part is immersed in second rinse tank for 3 minutes.
  4. Part is held in drying chamber to evaporate water for 5 minutes.

Total elapsed time to finished part: 16 Minutes

*Times required for cleaning and drying operations vary and depends on a variety of factors. General range for solvent cleaning is 1-7 minutes, while aqueous cleaning can take anywhere from 7 minutes to an hour or more.

Want to learn more about solvent cleaning?

How do I comply with solvent cleaning legislation & regulation?

Today's fast-changing regulatory and competitive landscapes have made the choice of a cleaning solvent more difficult than ever. To understand more about the legislation and regulation impacting your solvent cleaner and how 3M Novec can help you, check out our detailed overview.

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Why should I use Novec to replace my current cleaning solvent ?

Are you confused by the legislation & restrictions surrounding Trichloroethylene or Methylene Chloride or HFC Solvents used in your solvent cleaning ? Are you concerned by the quantity of nPB you are consuming ? Or are the huge volumes of water being consumed in your aqueous cleaning becoming a hidden cost ? Take a look at our comparison overview

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What equipment do I require?

Are you conducting solvent cleaning for the first time? Want to understand how legislation around Trichloroethylene impacts on your equipment? Are you replacing your existing solvent with Novec but don't know if it can be used with your equipment? Let us help to guide you through.

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Tell me about the solvent cleaning process.

Want to know more about the solvent cleaning process? Let our video demonstrations guide you through a start to finish process and see the advantages of vapour degreasing cleaning systems over aqueous cleaning.

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How can I improve health & safety when cleaning with solvent?

Traditional cleaning solvents such as Trichloroethylene and nPB carry a number of carcinogenic risk phrases and some are also classed as CMRs (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reproductive Toxin). Let us help you understand the risks, their impacts and ways to overcome them.

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