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Product Catalogue for Medical Markets

Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatPressure Relief Products
3M™ Reston™ Floatation Pad[click to enlarge]
Skin may break down as a result of pressure from sitting or lying in one position for long periods, or through 'friction' and 'shear'. 3M™ Reston™ Self-Adhering Foam helps to relieve pressure and so reduce the risk of skin breakdown occurring.

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Frequently, because of chronic or acute illness, mobility may be significantly reduced. Pain following an operation may restrict movement, or conditions such as paraplegia or athritis may be the cause. Immobility, combined with pre-disposing factors such as poor nutrition and incontinence can all lead to skin breakdown. The bony prominences of the body are particularly vulnerable to skin
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3M™ Reston™ Floatation Pad3M™ Reston™ Self-Adhering Foam
3M™ Reston™ Self-Adhering Foam is made from porous polyurethane foam coated on one side with a hypoallergenic adhesive.

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