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Product Catalogue for Medical Markets

Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatCold and Hot Therapy
If quickly and correctly applied, cold and hot therapy is an excellent way to help ease pain, limit the damage caused by injuries and hasten recovery.

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Cold or 'cryotherapy' helps to relieve pain in two ways:- it soothes the nerve endings in an injured area, lessening the sensation of pain- it reduces the swelling caused by blood flow to the area, and eases the throbbing sensation so often experienced with an injury.In most cases, heat is applied after cold therapy has been completed. Heat or 'thermotherapy' soothes aches and pains by
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3M™ ColdHot™ Pack
The 3M™ ColdHot™ Pack is a soft, plastic, gel-filled pouch. When warmed or cooled, it helps to provide fast and convenient pain relief and oedema control.

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