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Product Catalogue for Medical Markets

Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatBiomedical Electrodes

3M™ Red Dot™[click to enlarge]
3M Biomedical Electrodes offer high quality and consistent performance, backed by 3M adhesive technology.

Additional Information
Using 3M™ Red Dot™ Electrodes means:- Reliable trace quality- Rapid trace recovery after defibrillation- Guaranteed freshness - no dry out- Secure adhesion

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Product Defib Pad SHRP3M™ Defib-Pads
Ready-to-use pads for safe and effective defibrillation and cardioversion.

3M™ Monitoring Electrodes
A choice of low cost, foam-backed electrodes that provide good adhesion for up to 24 hours.

3M™Red Dot™ Multi-Purpose Monitoring Electrodes with stick3M™ Red Dot™ 2560 & 2570 Multi-purpose Monitoring Electrodes with Sticky Gel
Multi-purpose, hypoallergenic electrodes that stay in place for up to five days(1).Reference(1): Data on file, 3M Health Care.

Red Dot Micropore Backed Monitoring Electrode 2239, 22493M™ Red Dot™ Adult Solid Gel Electrodes
A range of traditional style monitoring electrodes, available in a variety of sizes, backings and adhesives, for normal or diaphoretic skin. Our low chloride solid gels provide excellent trace quality, combined with low skin irritation.

Red Dot Resting Electrode 2330, full sheet3M™ Red Dot™ Diagnostic ECG Electrodes
Conductive adhesive electrodes that provides dependable, cost effective performance.

3M™ Red Dot™ Infant Solid Gel Electrode3M™ Red Dot™ Neonatal, Infant and Paediatric ECG Monitoring Electrodes
A complete family of electrodes with reliable performance which is critical for premature, neonatal and infant care.

3M™ Red Dot™ Repositionable Electrode3M™ Red Dot™ Repositionable Electrode
A truly repositionable electrode designed to be moved rather than replaced. Patented adhesive means it is quick to stick on skin but gentle on removal. Larger conductive area reduces impedance and improves trace quality.

3M™ Red Dot™Accessories for Biomedical Electrodes
A range of accessories is available for use with 3M Biomedical Electrodes.

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